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Ipod Nopod

Last week I bought an I-pod.  Taken in by a sale, bright lights, and apps galore I boldly entered an electronic store, picked out the color I-pod of choice, and laid down the money.

At home I excitedly opened the small package then struggled to find the on/off button.  There are no instruction books included when you buy it.  There are little sheets of paper telling you where to go on-line and download the manual (100+ pages) but who takes the time to read it?  20 minutes later I had the gizmo up and was trying to figure out how to make it do what I wanted.  It was a struggle.  The bright lights and small icons made my eyes hurt.  My patience reached its limit.  Siri, at one point, pissed me off so much I told her that she had to be turned off.  In her arrogant, digital voice, she replied “Is that so?”  Who knew a digital voice could have such attitude.

Over the weekend as I continued to play with the I-pod I wondered why I needed this “toy”, this distraction from better pursuits?  In the end I decided that I didn’t.  Life is more than a little box filled with music and games.  Yes, it’s a camera, a map, and so much more but to me it’s not worth having.  I rolled the cord up and tucked it back into the box.  I slipped the “instructions” in too.  Then I placed the I-pod back into its container and closed the top.  This morning, through snow and slick roads, I returned the I-pod to the store.  No I-pod for me, thank you.  I prefer to see what’s around me.