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Another sunny day

Today marks the fourth day I have been able to sit on the porch in January.  Those of you residing in the sunny, warm parts of our nation won’t appreciate the novelty of this.  Up in the northern climes January is usually frigid and snow-covered.  Sitting on the porch on a normal January day usually involves taking off snow-covered boots and coats.  But not this year.   Sure, there’s still snow on the ground but not much.

It’s been warmer than usual and the sun has been out more often.  And a clear sky, with sun streaming through the porch windows, warms up the porch by noon.  Today, the temperature on the porch was 70 degrees Farenheit.  I even took a picture.

Today, with the temp where it was, I spent a good three hours on the porch reading the newspaper, eating dinner, and simply doing nothing.  And, as I soaked in the sunbeam, I closed my eyes and listened to the drip of melting snow.  In winter there is nothing more Heavenly than that.