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Friday Morning Road Rage

Snow fell last night.  This left the roads slick to drive during the morning commute to work.

My car is small.  It does not like snow and fishtails whenever I merge into traffic from a complete stop.  This morning an impatient cab driver in a van must have been late to pick up a fare because he honked impatiently at me when I did not try to race into a small space between a line up of cars.  If I had an accident certainly would have happened.

Once I managed to fishtail my tiny car into the morning traffic the cabbie continued his impatient behavior by tailgating me and swerving dangerously.  Did I mention the roads were slick?  Being a morning road-rager myself I made him aware of my displeasure.  I’m certain he could read my lips in the mirror and I happily gave him a gloved middle finger salute.

When the road opened to two lanes and we reached the stop lights he positioned himself in an “intimidating” position.  Right along side me when he could have moved up two car spaces.  I laughed.  The lights were red.  The phone number of his cab company was on the side of the vehicle.  I wrote it down.  He moved forward.  Perfect.  Plate number jotted down too.

About half a mile down the road he did the dumbest thing ever.  At a stop light he entered into the left turn lane.  When the lights turned green he did not turn.  He cut in front of the line up of cars and kept driving straight.


No there were no police around to witness this action.  However, I am a petty bitch and since I had all the info about the cab scribbled down I happily filled out a complaint form on our police department’s website.  I don’t expect anything to be done about it.  The police have bigger fish to catch.  But if they get bored….who knows.