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On the porch on a Sunday in January

There is something blissful about sitting on the porch on a Sunday in January.  As I wrote yesterday, the sun is streaming through the windows and heating a usually cold-in-winter porch to a warm fall-like day.  The perk today (and yesterday) is that it’s a football playoff season.  That means that all the men in the neighborhood have their butts firmly planted in their cushy chairs in front of their televisions playing couch potato coach to the players and refs on the screen.  There are no lawns being mown (grass doesn’t grow after Nov 1st up here), no leaves to be blown (that was done in Nov too.  btw: I prefer rakes, their quieter), no snow blowers belching (no snow yet this winter), and the motorcycles, well, they could still be ridden this year but go back to where the men’s butts are firmly planted right now.  If there’s a sunny day in January the porch is the place to be.

A warm porch

There is nothing better than a warm porch in the upper midwest in January.  It is currently 68 degrees on my porch and I am basking in a pool of sunlight.  During normal winters, when there’s a few feet worth of snow on the ground and the Alberta Clippers are racing across the plains, the porch is as cold as outside.   Frosty breaths hang in the air.  Clomps of snow remain on the floor.   Not this year.  The shovel is perched alongside the door awaiting the first real snowfall.  Today, a clear blue sky and a bright sun.  I guess the shovel will have to wait.