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3 Musketeers Bar or Malted Milk Ball

One should never eat the remains of a 3 Musketeers Bar after it has been open for three weeks.

Last month a coworker had given me a large 3 Musketeers Bar for my birthday and I tucked it away in my desk drawer in case of an emergency.  Had it been a plain simple Hershey’s chocolate bar I’d have scarfed it down in a minute.  But 3MBs are not my favorite candy so tucked away it went.  Three weeks ago the “emergency” happened.  A deep craving for chocolate and the candy bowl in the department was empty.  Empty.   A quick search through the desk drawer found the unwrapped 3MB amid sticky notes and paperclips.  Desperation calls for desperate measures.  I unwrapped the bar and took a few bites.  It was enough to satisfy the craving.  With most of the candy bar remaining I wrapped it back up, rubberbanded it together and tucked it back in the drawer for the next emergency.

Forward three weeks.  Another chocolate craving.  The candy bowl still empty.  “Ah,” thinks I, “there’s the left over 3 Musketeers Bar.”  Unwrap…bite…chew…urgh.  The edges have the stale “crispness” of a malted milk ball.  The “fluffy center” is a chewy toughness.  It begs the question: are malted milk balls made from the month old remains of 3 Musketeers Bars?