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Thoughts on aging


During my walk this morning I observed two things. The first were two siblings. One was helping the other slowly down the steps of their home and into a waiting car. Both are much older than I and had I been closer I’d have leant a helping hand. But between the two of them they managed. The second was a friend hustling toward her house bound parents’ home to unlock the door so the mobile meals deliverer could drop off the daily meal. Both situations made me realize that when I am older and in need of these types of assists that I won’t have them. There is no spouse or child on whom I will be able to depend. It’s a sad reality that I will have to prepare for one day.



On the eve of any given holiday coworkers, friends, and strangers proffer holiday wishes.  The nameless person answers with an “and to you as well” with a wisp of a sad smile.  Nameless knows the holiday reality.  Not invited to family gatherings Nameless roasts a small turkey then eats before the eternal light of television.  Nameless’ nightly companion.  And so it goes, and so it will be.