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Cage Free Eggs

With the summer heat and humidity upon us I have found myself hunkered down in the cavern of my non-air conditioned home.  That is a story in itself. But trust me; one can survive in a house without air-conditioning if you know how to play the weather….and if the humidity stays low.  However, summer survival is not the subject of this entry.  The subject today is the caged egg.

As mentioned above I have found myself escaping the heat of the porch by coming indoors.  If I’m indoors the television is usually on whether I’m actually watching it or not.  It makes for great white noise.  As the summer reruns drone on and what the networks feed us as “real life entertainment” I usually read.  It was while I was reading, or perhaps daydreaming of a good blizzard with whipping cold winds, that I heard an advertisement using the phrase “cage-free egg”.

What the heck is a cage-free egg?

Sure, I’ve heard of free- range chickens. Happy, hippy chickens dancing around the farm yard chasing their fix of seed. Are the cage-free eggs the “offspring of these happy, hippy chickens? Has Chicken Little given birth to Moon Blossom Little?

Let’s wax philosophical for a moment.  How “cage-free” are these eggs anyway?  Isn’t the eggshell itself a cage?  Isn’t that which makes the egg an egg, the yolk and albumen, locked inside of that shell?  Therefore, the cage-free egg is impossible.  It isn’t until the shell is cracked and what’s inside is released to be boiled, scrambled, or fried in the pan that the egg is actually free.  Alas, that freedom lasts only a moment before its “edible” doom.