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The Wisdom of Master Sean

The other night I had the privilege of watching a 7-week old baby.  His name: Sean or as I occasionally call him, Master Sean (aka The Young Prince).

Master Sean and I had a rough start.  And, I admit, he did come with a verbal warning from the parents.  The young prince had been crabby most of the day.  The warning did not deter me.  Yes, please, bring him over.  You two go out and have fun.  Mingle with adults.   It started out fine.  Okay, he was asleep when dropped off.  But ten minutes later his eyes opened and, with a scrunched up face, he let out a wail of baby discontent.  Cuddling didn’t appease him.  His diaper was empty.  The only option left was food.  His Mumsy had provided milk but said that he had been fed and shouldn’t be hungry for a few hours.  She was wrong.  The limited supply of nourishment had to be broken into.

After a snack and a baby burp, Master Sean and I were fine.  We had a staring session and gurgled conversations.  He provided a wonderful impression of Yoda (looks, not words) then fell asleep.  As he slept it occurred to me that his current life is the basis of what we all wish for: to be fed, cuddled, to sleep, and to be loved (and the need of a clean diaper).  Within the year he will add two more items to his wisdom: the need to play and explore.  Fun.