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Wait ’til Winter


This is not something you want to come upon while you’re pruning a tree. Luckily I was smart enough to walk around the tree after every branch I cut. This branch needs to be cut but I think I’ll wait until December or January. Hopefully the stingers within will be dormant in the dead of winter.


Thoughts on aging


During my walk this morning I observed two things. The first were two siblings. One was helping the other slowly down the steps of their home and into a waiting car. Both are much older than I and had I been closer I’d have leant a helping hand. But between the two of them they managed. The second was a friend hustling toward her house bound parents’ home to unlock the door so the mobile meals deliverer could drop off the daily meal. Both situations made me realize that when I am older and in need of these types of assists that I won’t have them. There is no spouse or child on whom I will be able to depend. It’s a sad reality that I will have to prepare for one day.

Owning Your Fairy Tales

Insightful words for me at a difficult time.

Mystical Journey


We stay. We put up. We whine and complain but we remain in a familiar environment because it is all we know. Several years ago, in the midst of leaving an eighteen year old relationship I had to decide if I wanted to continue being Rapunzel on a gorgeous tower were I was a prisoner or come out into the world leaving those wealthy possessions behind. Even Rapunzel had a hard time leaving what she knew. It’s never easy to walk on faith. It’s pretty daunting moving through the unknown. After witnessing the embezzling of my business and how I was being financially cheated (both professionally and personally) I took the road less traveled. I dispersed my grown children…making sure they had their own places and I took the youngest ones. My family and friends were shocked to see how I dismantled a comfortable and wealthy life in no time…

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The New Enforcer

I spotted him last night. He was lurking behind the overgrown weeds that come up between the cracks in the sidewalk. I said hello. He remained silent. I moved to the left. His beady, black eyes followed my movement. I moved to the right. His gaze followed. He wasn’t talkative and that was okay. He was there to do his job and I left him to it.

Early this afternoon I returned from an errand and found him again. This time he sat on the bottom step. I greeted him with a smile and said hello as I walked around him and went into the house.

This silent creature with the black beady eyes makes me smile. He most certainly is a great, great, great grandchild of the legendary Algae. (Algae was one of the best guard toads that ever took on the invading hoards of ants.) I’ve yet to learn the name of the new enforcer of the steps but once he becomes comfortable in his new position, and with me, I’m certain he will share it.

He grudgingly allowed me to take his photo but soon became impatient with his new celebrity and started to hop away. But here he is, my new guard toad.

The new enforcer.



“Existing or being everywhere at the same time : constantly encountered.”

Before I learned of your death yesterday you had been on my mind.

It had been so long since we had last seen one another that when I opened the door a few weeks back and saw you standing there all I could say was your name, and give you a long, loving hug.  We talked for nearly four hours that night and  I’m grateful for the blessing of that last opportunity to spend with you.

Pastor Dick once called you “Ubiquitous” because you seemed to be everywhere at the same time. Now you are. You are in the hearts and minds of those you touched.

You were a treasured friend, Kevin, and shall be a treasured memory.

p.s.  “Go Giants!”


The Creation Story via Norse Mythology

Recently I’ve been reading about Norse Mythology.  My interest lies more in symbols that would work in a carving so with hope of finding something interesting I checked out a number of books from the library and ended up reading about the Viking gods.

Today I ran across the creation story in the Time Life book “Sagas Of The Norsemen: Viking & German Myth” published in 1997 by Duncan Baird Publishers, London.  It’s a fair book and is an easier read than the original by Snorri Sturluson. (Snorri Sturluson is considered the first to write down the Norse myths. He was born in Iceland toward the latter part of the 12th Century.)

The Time-Life interpretation of Snorri’s Creation story left me puzzled.  Here is what was written:

“…at the beginning of time, before the earth had been formed, there was nothing in existence-just a gaping void called Ginnungagap. To the south of this was Muspell…..”

Explain to me how there can be nothing in existence, but something can be south of it?  (Let alone how there can be a void within nothing.)

“The Prose Edda”, by Snorri Sturluson (translated from the Icelandic by Arthur Gilchrist Brodeur, Ph.D.). The American-Scandinavian Foundation, New York. 1916.

“Erst was the age when nothing was:  Nor sand nor sea, nor chilling stream-waves; Earth was not found, nor Ether-Heaven, – A Yawning Gap, but grass was none….

Then said Jafnharr; “It was many ages before the earth was shaped that the Mist-World was made….”

“Yet first was the world in the southern region, which was named Muspell…..”

Snorri’s original (as translated by Brodeur) makes a tad more sense to me. Granted, Earth does not yet exist, but there’s an explanation that other things were created beforehand and that they came together to create Earth.

Time-Life then translates that man and woman were formed in the sweaty armpit of a giant as he slept.  (Pleasant, I’m sure.)  At least the 1916 translation (with what I assume is Victorian Age sensibility) has man and woman formed under the giant’s sweaty left hand.  Happily, when the giant arose from his slumbers, he used his right hand to become upright thereby not crushing these new little humans under his massive palm.

The Norse are an interesting breed and I think I best read the 1916 translation completely for I think Time-Life may not have translated Snorri Sturluson accurately.


They gobbledygook and gobbledygeek and mishy mash around.

The brain tries to make sense of the sound and gives it another go but the words tumble over the tongue and crash into the teeth.  Crazy sounds emit from the mouth.  People stare, confused, and say “huh?”


Words, dammit, words!