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Why?  Why, in February did 3 completely different bugs appear in my house?

First, a box elder bug.

It lethargically crawled across the kitchen floor.

And then it promptly lost it’s life when I dropped a small box on it.

Second, a fly. A big, fat, lazy fly.

He came from the porch (yes, I was sitting on the porch again…and in February)….he came from the porch and flew a lazy weave pattern through the air and made his way into the kitchen.

And third, a little winged creature whose bug name I don’t know.  It was a tiny insect; bigger than a gnat and much smaller than the fly.  It was no more than an eighth of an inch long.  But it was there, idly resting on the sofa cushion on the porch.

All three are gone now.  Two wrapped in a tissue and tossed “gently” placed in a trash can “respectful” container. The other vacuumed up with the rest of the dust.

Beware bugs of spring, summer, and fall.  Do not wander into my realm.  If you dare, you shall meet the same fate as these three.