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The Panda Says No

A few years ago I carved this little panda as a birthday gift to a friend who told me about the book “Eats, Shoots and Leaves” by Lynn Truss.   I’m not a great book reviewer but it is a delightful rant about bad punctuation.  Who knew that dots, dashes and squiggly marks would cause someone to go bonkers?

But what does the panda have to do with punctuation, you ask?  Apparently it’s a joke about a panda that walks into a cafe and orders a sandwich.  Before he leaves he pulls out a gun, shoots the waiter, and walks out.  Asked why he did it, he tosses the manager of the cafe a nature book, that’s badly edited entry on the panda says it is a native of China that “eats, shoots and leaves.”

Admittedly, I am not the best at punctuation.  When in doubt toss in a comma or two I say.  Okay, that’s not necessarily true.  Hyphens are my pet.  Love the little buggers.  Why use a comma when a hyphen will do?  And I do, on occasion, imitate ee cummings and disregard the whole capitalization game.  I am certain it drives my friend crazy.

Back to the panda:  my friend was an English major in college.  Words and punctuation are her game.  Even she could use a helpful panda to guard the bookshelf or teach her toddler a thing or two.


Today was spent on the porch carving a little owl I’ve named Owlbert.  The design was created by Joseph Savarese and was in the latest edition of Woodcarving Illustrated.  I’m a novice carver but I think Owlbert looks fine.