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Help Needed: Translating Gothic German Script

In January Ancestry.com uploaded baptismal, marriage, and burial records from Württemberg, Germany.  I discovered this in February.  Since then I have been in a mad dash to find anything about my Württemberg great-great grandmother and her kin. I found her and started digging my way to find her parents, grandparents, etc.  Now I’m stuck on one of those branches, unable to find my way through the twisting vines.

Below is a record of interest.  It was found in the baptismal section of the records but was written differently than the rest.  My problem: I don’t read or speak modern-day German, let alone attempting to read Gothic German script.

jacob leonhard steinle birth record 1749 not like others (3)

I’ve Googled my way to translation sites, found sites with sample script, and still can’t make out many of the squiggly letters.  I can make out the names…obviously….and I discovered that Jacob was a wine gardener (farmer).  (Still trying to figure out how you “grow” wine.)  I really want to know what this says.  I think the word “fever” is in there and for some reason I’m thinking the last word on the second line translates to “Bubonic”.  With that word in mind my brain goes into wild imaginings of family dying from the plague (“Bring out your dead”) and somehow a kid was born in the middle of it all.

Jacob, my ancestor, you are a frustration.