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Yesterday I posted a photo of a current painting on my Facebook page and requested friends to provide some constructive criticism. Outside of one suggestion, which I had sort of fed them on the post, they provided nothing. Below is the painting.  I hated it when I started but it grew on me as I continued to work on it. If you are willing, please provide me with some constructive criticism. At Joshua Tree


Comments on: "Constructive Criticism On My Oil Painting" (3)

  1. Good work!
    I like the colors and composition. The dimensions look good too. What i think could be better is the sharpness. What i would suggest is to either make the painting sharper where it needs to be (Details on the foreground, make the foreground darker, add more ‘information’). Or make the painting overall a lot more blended. I think it’s a bit too ‘in the middle’.
    What you could also do is look for the tones between the tones that you already have, and paint those to give it more depth.
    In real life the shadows are darkest where objects meet other objects or the ground(thin, dark lines/areas). So i would paint those,.. that always works:) I hope it’s helpful to you, Cheers!

  2. I agree with the above suggestion; more value contrast and richer colors in the foreground especially on the tree which is your center of interest; maybe a beam of light falling on it, or something? But really nice overall; I love the sense of atmosphere in it and the colors you captured for the desert area.

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