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Friday morning conversation

Got to work early yesterday morning: tired but generally in a good mood.  After the congenial good mornings the following conversation happened.

L: May the day go fast

R: Good luck with that

L: Always so negative

R: Grrrr…..it’s been a long few weeks

L: (not aloud….you say that all the time.  Every freakin day as a matter of fact.)

Chicken Little: The sky is falling. (We’re all doomed!)

The ostrich buries its head in the sand.

Negative Nelly.

So I emailed the above to a friend with the addition below:

Hi!  Hope you have a great day!  Cold but sunny….I think….the shade is always closed.  It’s Friday, btw.  Isn’t it great?  It is, cuz tomorrow is Saturday.  Yay!  Sleep in.  Lunch with friends.  Okay, I’m done.  Thanks for being a friend…..cue Golden Girls theme song.

And she responded:

LOL.  It is a good day!  Don’t let others bring you down.  I’m always here for ya!   Damn the man…save the empire!  (If you haven’t seen Empire Records, that totally won’t make sense.).

I haven’t seen Empire Records.  I have no idea what that means.  I didn’t even google it to find the reference.

But here’s the good thing: today is Saturday.  I didn’t sleep in and it’s raining, but I will have lunch with friends and I’m looking forward to it.  It’s still a great day!

Have a good day y’all!


Chasing Carrots

My friend Sara is afraid of carrots.  Sure, the word “hate” could be used but that’s merely the explanatory reaction of this deep seated fear.   I learned about her fear years ago and am certain that I burst into laughter before asking the question, “Why are you afraid of carrots?”

Carrot Chase

This is her story:

“Okay…so I was a kid and this dream would come up quite a few times.  It was me and my Dad in a field with a stone fence running down it.  This wacko carrot comes out of nowhere and chases us.  A floret of broccoli also joins in the pursuit.  We would get to the fence and I would wake myself up.  Frickin radical veggies!!”

It’s a bizarre image but according to a friend of ours carrots in dreams are a good thing.   They represent good fortune or great wealth.  We’re not sure about the broccoli but according to the dream dictionary it means you are seeking faith nourishment.  (Who comes up with these interpretations?)

Here’s my theory.  As a child Sara had carrots forced upon her.  Jar upon unending jars of pureed carrots were doled out in baby spoonsful.  Little Sara would shake her head from side to side avoiding the spoon filled with orange mush but she was a baby and no match for mom.  The carrot was still shoved into her baby mouth as Mom would say, ”Mmmmm, nummy”.  Little Sara would have none of it.  She would make her ucky baby face and spit it out in a spray of orange specks.  Mom vs. Baby ensued.

Scarred at such a young age, Sara would have endless dreams of carrots chasing her. She would endure decades of teasing by family and friends.  These same people would buy her gifts like carrot slippers, carrot ornaments.  There would be carrot cake for birthdays.

The end has come for that carrot.  I caught it a few weeks back, decapitated it, and tossed it into a pot of stew.

Sara shall have carrot free dreams from now on.

You Never Know What You Will Find

Last week I put up a neighbor blocker.  What’s this you ask? It’s a simple trellis to block the neighbor from standing in his yard (at my bushes) 15 feet from my porch, and yelling to me while I’m in my kitchen….another 10 feet from the neighbor’s location.  It had to be put up because of the loss of a major shade, neighbor blocking, tree a few years ago.  It was a beautiful Hackberry tree.

The tree's destruction

It saddens me to this day that the tree had to come down.  But it was either the tree or the house.  It’s demise was due to a large branch, around the size of a small tree, that came crashing into the dining room window during a midnight storm.  Waking to shattering glass is not a pleasurable thing.   It was a good thing the tree was removed because it was hollow from where the branches join at the top of the trunk to the base of the tree.  That’s right, the base of the tree.  As a matter of fact the hollow bit went below ground.  Scary to think about.

Hollow to the core.

Flash forward to last weekend.  While digging the holes for the trellis posts I found a couple of things that mystified me.  Oh, there was glass.  Hardly something confusing.  And there were roots galore.   What I found were these.

What are these things?

They were dirt encrusted when I pulled them out but like a little kid with a new find I brushed them off and let my imagination go to work.  Bird feet?   The back sides look like bird claws….okay, a five-toed bird claw, but why not?  Maybe it was a prehistoric bird?  Yeah, a baby pterodactyl just out of the egg.  Or maybe they were bits of bones from some other ancient animal that roamed the area.  Maybe they were bits of a body buried near the tree and the roots spread the bones apart.  Or maybe they were the teeth of some animal….horse?  Mule?   A quick search on Google provided a disappointing answer.  Calf teeth….a baby cow.   I live in an old farmhouse so the find makes sense.  And it is more interesting than the 2 large chunks of cement found in the hollow of the tree.